Inquiry Halfway Reflection

March 4th, 2015.

  1. What is your Inquiry Project?

My Inquiry is building a Utopia, what I mean by this is I’m building a community that is on its way to becoming a Utopia, being that a true Utopia cannot exist.

  1. What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

I think my main challenge with this project has been trying to mold the rules in the society. I’m trying to make it as democratic as possible while still having set rules, but I can’t do this without being strict and making my own rules in the first place.

Another challenge I’ve been having is being motivated to do it. At the beginning of the project, I jumped right into it and started getting a lot of stuff done, and since I did that, I got bored with it. What I plan on doing to fix this is planning out certain times to work on the Inquiry because I don’t feel bored anymore; so much as I haven’t had an abundance of free time to work on it. What I’ve done to fix my problem is I’ve made a little list with set times of when I should be working on certain courses and meeting the deadlines for projects as well.

  1. What are your next steps?

I’m actually very excited to start working on the next part of my Inquiry, which is designing a government, and justice system. What I plan on doing to make this more interesting for myself and the audience, is make different political parties, and create controversy between the groups of them.

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