The Giver Fishbowl

Hello! These are my notes for The Giver’s fishbowl presentation.


Jonas: Jonas is a 12 year old who’s chosen to be the new receiver of knowledge; someone who receives the memories of the community that the elders decide the public doesn’t need to know, whether they’re deemed dangerous, unimportant, or are of no use to anyone in the community.

The Giver: The Giver is the person, presumably in his late 80’s, who was the previous receiver of knowledge and is given the task of training Jonas to become the next Giver.

Plot to chapter 10.

Jonas is chosen at the ceremony of 12’s, to become the new Receiver of Knowledge. The ceremony can be considered as one big formal birthday party for anyone under twelve, where they get their roles in the community. The community is described as a place where people don’t work on anything asides from their assigned job, schooling, and being a part of their family unit. We can assume this means that people are being given very little freedom, although no one contests this in the book. Another thing to note is that Jonas’s family is given an infant named Gabe, who’s having more difficulty developing, to take care of. Although this isn’t important until later chapters. The Giver shows Jonas memories like snow, gives him the ability to see colour, shows him what animals are, and also shows him painful things like War, Ivory hunting, and what it’s like to have broken limbs.

My thesis statement

The book shows us that having memories and being aware of what goes on beyond our own lives is part of what makes us what we are today.


  • Animals are unheard of in the story, as in when Jonas tells his younger sister that her stuffed Elephant used to be real, she doesn’t believe him and calls him crazy.
  • No one knows what it’s like to be at war with another country, and therefor don’t understand the aftermath of it.
  • Being taken care of, like how people are brought food and then having their leftovers taken away by people, makes them very codependent on the community, rendering them unfit to ever live without it.

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