ASL Inquiry

For my final Inquiry of grade nine, I decided along with Jenna and Mackenzie that I would teach them to sign ASL. American Sign Language is something I picked up on my own over the past few years and it’s something I find fun to improve on.

Our plan has started off with a semi strict schedule which consists of practicing finger spelling. Finger spelling is hand representations of the English alphabet and numbers one to ten, used primarily when you’re learning ASL or can’t remember the sign for said word.


Week 2: Mackenzie and Jenna will be fluent in finger spelling and have learned numbers.

Week 4: Mackenzie and Jenna will be able to comprehend and sign important words e.g. emergency, bathroom, plus a variety of other words.

Week 6: Mackenzie and Jenna will be able to sign and comprehend basic and important phrases and put the words they know together to make new basic phrases

Things that were difficult: Not many things were difficult, although I did have troubles finding online resources for Jenna and Mackenzie to practice working on when I’m not there.

Things that were easy: The ASL alphabet was fairly easy for them to learn, and I also touched up on some of the letters and am currently getting better at switching to different signs faster.

Potential Inquiries that could happen in the future?

We discussed maybe doing an Inquiry on ASL writing which is ASL on paper, but because FOI in grade 10 is structured differently, we don’t know how that would really play out.

What I liked and didn’t like about the Inquiry

We totally accomplished our goal of learning everything on the lesson plan, but I would have liked to be able to do more, although I feel we did a reasonable amount of work in a reasonable amount of time.


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