The yearly post: Grade 11

So today we had to start this little post to keep our blogs more active and we were told to take a picture and write about it so I took a picture with Tina. I chose Snap Chat because it’s literally our life outside of Instagram and honestly you can’t really upgrade much more than that.

I’ve got a couple plans for and IDS this year, one is for hair and it’s centered around styling and health which I can easily turn into a 4 credit, however since I have 2 IDS’s it might be better to keep it short. For the second IDS I’m still tossing around a couple topics of interest to decide on.



This is going to be my blog for anything school related. Here you can find anything I plan on doing for Inquiries, Independently Directed Studies, assignments, and anything else I like.

A few things about me:

  • I speak English and French, and have since I was little.
  • I’m semi fluent in ASL.
  • My favorite subject is Science.
  • I plan on going to school for cosmetology.
  • My favorite thing to do in my spare time is browse my 900 social media accounts and go out with my friends.